Irresistible zippered swimsuit Cole of California 1970s size 8-10

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I call this my James Bond swimsuit, because it's the sort of thing I can imagine Barbara Bach slipping on in "The Spy Who Loved Me" if she had gone swiming between running around the Ancient Egyptian monuments.

Featuring a plunging neckline and low back it's set off with a nice arrangement of back straps securing at the back of the neck with buttons. The legline is low, almost boy leg low. The centre front is trimmed with contrast piping an a nylon zipper.

This swimsuit featured in both the Wintersun vintage swimwear parade 2010 where it was worn by Isabelle Faith and a swimwear exhibition at the Ballarat Heritage weekend in May 2010 - during the exhibition the zipper proved too tempting for visitors and every time I looked, it had been partially unzipped.

Originally this swimsuit included a built in bra, but the old foam was crunchy and uncomfortable so we removed it - all these photos were taken before, so you can see the lumpiness. It's sleek and smooth now.

Era - 1970s

Fabric - nylon

Colour - black with contrasting white

Label - Cole of California

Best fit - 8 to 10



Bust: 30 inches unstretched to 34 inches stretched.

Waist: 20-26 inches

Hips: 30-36 inches

Length: 22 inches

Origin: USA

Condition: Excellent, now that we've removed the crunchy bra cups. Incidentally, if you'd prefer to have it with them, they can be obtained from a haberdasher in the size required.

Recommended Care: hand wash.

SKU: SW1202-018