Apricot metal zippers new Rondo 1950s 14 in/36 cm

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Vintage metal zippers

  • Coloured metal teeth
  • Underside are uncoloured metal
  • Brand Rondo
  • Made in Australia
  • New and unused

Length 14 inches - 36 cm

measured from the bottom of the teeth to the top of the zipper pull (an additional length of fabric has not been included in the lengths as they vary a little.

Condition: new and unused, excellent condition with no missing teeth. They've been freshly laundered, resulting in a small amount of fray to the ends of some - this doesn't affect how well they work and the ends are rather long. Fray could be snipped off if desired.

These are available in a range of sizes and colours: please see other listings. Note that if colour matching is important please request a Pantone number match.

Note that price is per zipper.

SKU: HB-Z021